• 1New Avengers Volume 2: Infinity , Jonathan Hickman (2014)
    Infinity tie-in! Who is the secret member of the Illuminati that many of the members do not know about? And how does Black Bolt, mute monarch of the Inhumans, lie? As the cold war between Wakanda and… 1809 руб

  • 2New Avengers: Volume 1: Everything Dies , Jonathan Hickman (2014)
    The Illuminati must reassemble to prevent the collision of our universe with another! It's the Marvel Universe's most powerful and brilliant team - Black Panther, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt… 1529 руб

  • 3The Very Old Folk , Howard Phillips Lovecraft
    It is a recording of a dream, where the main protagonist is a Roman military official in the Basque country near Pompelo. The countryside is, every year, ravaged by terrible hill people who kidnap… руб электронная книга

  • 4Avengers: Time Runs Out: Volume 1 , Jonathan Hickman (2015)
    Time Runs Out! For Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Illuminati, it has all been building to this. Following the startling events of Original Sin and the revelations as to what the Illuminati have… 1004.5 руб

  • 5Doctor Who: Battlefield , Marc Platt (2016)
    A UNIT nuclear convoy, stranded on the shores of Lake Vortigern, becomes the focus of an incursion by knights from a parallel reality. In this other world, technology and magic exist side by side… 669 руб